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Coventry Rhode Island

  • The town of Coventry is located within the boundaries of Kent County.
  • Coventry was incorporated in 1741.
  • 2010 Census notes 35,014 people live in this town.
  • Coventry is bordered by W. Warwick, Foster, Scituate, Cranston, W. Greenwich, E. Greenwich and Sterling Connecticut.
  • Size: 62.3 Sq Miles (59.5 Sq Miles of land & 2.8 Sq Miles of water)
  • Zip Code: 02816
  • Coventry is the largest town by landmass in Rhode Island
  • Town of Coventry Official Website
  • Coordinates:  41°41′38″N 71°35′45″W

Real Estate Facts


% of Value



Biz / Personal Prop

$20.40 100% $24.58 $18.75 $20.40

* last assessed in 2010 & has a local fire district tax & retail inventory exemptions. Exemptions may also include disabled home owners, income based exemptions & elderly.

Around Town

Isaac Bown House
  • Built in 1795
  • Added to the National Historic Register in 1980.
  • The official National Register of Historic Places Inventory Website.
  • Located on Maple Valley Rd and Rt 102.
  • This historic building at the time of registration was occupied and being used as private offices.
  • Currently owned by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.
  • This home is a 2.5 story house with a gable roof, center chimney and is a timber framed structure sheathed with clapboards.

Coventry Public Library

Greene Public Library

Washington Secondary Bike Path

  • The Washington Secondary Bike Path is the state's longest bike path at 19 miles from Cranston Street in Cranston to Log Bridge Road, just past Route 102, in western Coventry. It is named for the abandoned rail corridor once served by the Providence, Hartford, & Fishkill Railroad.
  • Coventry Parking:
  • Pilgrim Avenue, Coventry
  • Station Street, Coventry
  • Coventry Recreation Center, Coventry
  • Flat River Road, Coventry
  • Coventry Town Hall and Library, Coventry
  • Hill Farm Road at Phillips Hill Road, Coventry
  • Log Bridge Road, Coventry


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Coventry Beaches

Beach Name





Briar Point Beach Briar Point Ave SITE 401.822.9107 Fresh