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North Smithfield Rhode Island

  • The town of North Smithfield is located within the boundaries of Providence County.
  • North Smithfield was incorporated in 1871.
  • 2010 Census notes 11,967 people live in this town.
  • North Smithfield Villages: Forestdale, Primrose, Waterford, Branch Village, Union Village, Park Square, & Slatersville.
  • Size: 24.7 Sq Miles (24.0 Sq Miles of land & .7 Sq Miles of water)
  • Zip Code: 02824, 02896
  • In the 17th century British colonists settled in North Smithfield as a farming community that they named after Smithfield, London in England.
  • Town of North Smithfield Official Website

Real Estate Facts


% of Value



Biz / Personal Prop

$16.02 100% $17.77 $37.62 $42.80

* last assessed in 2009

Around Town

Houses of Worship
The Halstead at Slatersville Mill
  • Location: 10 Railroad St Slatersville RI.
  • In 1807 Samuel Slater helped start the American Industrial Revolution by creating the first village to produce textiles.
  • The mill (spinning, weaving, & center mills) was built in 1826.
  • The mill has since been converted to a high end & modern infused with industrial style living space.
  • The mill's FACEBOOK.
  • The mill's official website.

North Smithfield Public Library
  • Address: 20 Main St, North Smithfield RI 02876
  • Phone: (401) 767-2780
  • North Smithfield Public Library
  • According to the library website, "North Smithfield Public Library is located in the historic mill village of Slatersville in the town of North Smithfield. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, Samuel Slater built his second textile mill in this village. Many houses are from this time, making it quite picturesque with white picket fences bordering the church common. The mill was constructed from local stone by expert stonemasons. Our original building was part of this mill complex. As you walk to the rear of the library, you can see the water traces, some with remaining locks from that time."