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Smithfield Rhode Island

  • The town of Smithfield is located within the boundaries of Providence County.
  • Smithfield was incorporated in 1730.
  • 2010 Census notes 21,430 people live in this town.
  • Contains ghost town (Hanton City) see below for details.
  • Size: 27.8 Sq Miles (26.6 Sq Miles of land & 1.2 Sq Miles of water)
  • Zip Code: 02828, 02917
  • Town of Smithfield Official Website

Real Estate Facts


% of Value



Biz / Personal Prop

$17.13 100% $17.13 $39.00 $59.70

* last assessed in 2009

Around Town

Smithfield RI Ghost Town (Hanton City)
  • Hanton City consists of several stone foundations, a burial site, a dam and several stone walls.
  • Originally a small New England farming community.
  • The theories regarding the village include, a band of runaway slaves living in secrecy, pariahs afflicted with a communicable disease or loyalists that were exiled or chose this location with like-minded individuals.
  • The site is currently owned by The Dow Chemical Company.
  • To find: 295 to Exit 8B, go through 2 sets of lights and after a greenhouse is an unmarked trail (Hanton City Trail) marked by a steel building. Follow trail that turns to dirt for about 1/2 mile. Road takes sharp turn to left. Go into clearing on the left blocked by a dirt embankment. Beyond is a trail that leads to the remnants of Hanton City.
Smith-Appleby House Museum
  • Location: 220 Stillwater Rd Smithfield RI 02917.
  • Official Website.
  • Phone: 401.231.7363
  • Built in 1696, this beautifully restored and furnished farm house features beautiful cabinet work and an intriguing antique collection Most fascinating is the smoke room on the second floor, serviced by the huge fireplace in the keeping room.
  • Smith-Appleby House Museum is open for tours during scheduled events, or tours may be arranged on request.
  • Read the full history of the Smith-Appleby House here – written by local historian Jim Ignasher.

Smithfield Public Schools
  • Smithfield High School
  • Vincent J Gallagher Middle School
  • William Winsor Elementary School
  • Raymond C LaPerche Elementary School
  • Anna M McCabe Elementary School
  • Old County Rd Elementary School
    • The mission of the Old County Road School Community is to facilitate learning that will enable all students to become responsible citizens capable of meeting the challenges of our evolving global society.
    East Smithfield Public Library
    • Address: 50 Esmond St, Smithfield RI 02917
    • Phone: (401) 231-5150
    • East Smithfield Public Library Website
    • According to the library website, "The East Smithfield Public Library is comprised of two former, local, mill-sponsored libraries - the Bernon Public Library and the Esmond Free Public Library. In 1872, a public library was founded in Georgiaville by the Bernon Manufacturing Company, and in 1916, the Esmond Mills contributed some space and money to start the Esmond Library. In 1967, the Boards of Trustees of the two libraries decided to incorporate under one board as the East Smithfield Public Library and subsequently moved to its present location at 50 Esmond Street, the former Dorothy T.P. Dame School, in June 1985. A non-profit corporation with a Board of Trustees governs the library."


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