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Warwick Rhode Island

  • The city of Warwick is located within the boundaries of Kent County.
  • Warwick was incorporated in 1642 as a town and 1931 as a city.
  • 2010 Census notes 82,672 people live in this town.
  • Warwick is the 2nd largest city in the state.
  • Size: 49.62 Sq Miles (35.5 Sq Miles of land & 14.1 Sq Miles of water)
  • Zip Code: 02886-02889
  • Warwick was founded by Samuel Gorton in 1642.
  • Warwick was home to the Gaspee Affair in 1975-1976.
  • Town of Warwick Official Website

Real Estate Facts


% of Value



Biz / Personal Prop

$20.06 100% $30.09 $34.60 $40.12

* last assessed in 2009

Around Town

Warwick Museum of Art
  • Location: 3259 Post Rd Warwick RI 02886.
  • Warwick Museum of Art Website.
  • Many locations were considered but discarded because of opposition by abutting neighbors. Finally, Mayor Gene McCaffrey located a space at the Pontiac Mill complex. Members of the Museum board and friends sandblasted the building, built decking, got a new front entry and prepared the facility for the February 29, 1976 opening. In the meantime, each member organization sponsored fund-raising events like fashion shows, concerts, and formal dance at the Aldrich Estate.


Warwick, RI Dog Parks

dog parks in warwick ri
Buttonwoods Dog Park

Asylum Rd & Carnation Dr, Warwick, RI

Warwick City Park Dog Park

Steven O'Connor Blvd & Asylum Rd, Warwick, RI

Warwick, RI Libraries

libraries in warwick ri
Central Warwick Public Library
  • Address: 600 Sandy Lane Warwick RI
  • Phone: (401) 739-5440
  • Warwick Public Library Website.
  • Official Facebook
  • 1960: Established.
  • The library’s 20th anniversary was celebrated May 5, 1985 with an Open House and a fantastic cake, a 300 pound replica of the building, made by Toll Gate High School’s Culinary Division. The staff began entering the collection into the computer and the Warwick Public Library moved into the twentieth century with a vengeance.

Warwick Public Library - Apponaug Branch

Warwick Public Library - Conimicut Branch

Warwick Public Library - Norwood Branch

Pontiac Free Library
  • Address: 101 Greenwich Ave, Warwick RI 02886
  • Phone: (401) 737-3292
  • Pontiac Free Library Website
  • According to the library website, "Located in the historic mill village of Pontiac, the Pontiac Free Library Association was founded in 1884."
  • The Pontiac Mills, established by Robert and Benjamin Knight during the mid-1800's, was home to the "Fruit of the Loom" clothing label. The mills and the Knight family had a great impact on the village and it's residents.
  • The Library was created due to the efforts of several village residents; today we recognize mainly Rev. Laurence B. Thoumad, Carl Sundin, and David Alexander, superintendent of the Pontiac Mills. Miss Edith Knight, a relative of Robert and Benjamin, spent much time acting as librarian. Most of the Library's funds were raised through suppers and concerts hosted by Miss Knight.
  • In later years, the Library began to expand. A trust fund was created through the Knight family's continuing interest and generous funds left by Edith Knight. The Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company aided in this endeavor and the fund was created in 1943.
  • The present brick structure was erected in 1957. After World War II, the Library was finally able to offer better service and hours. The new building was opened to borrowers on February 10, 1957, the very day after its dedication.

Pawtuxet River
  • The Pawtuxet River is 12.3 miles long and has four dams along the length.
  • The rivers north and south branches begins in West Warwick and continues east through Warwick & Cranston & empties into the Providence River at Pawtuxet Village.
  • There are 2 River Organizations focus on the Pawtuxet River:
  • The Pawtuxet River Authority & Watershed Council.
  • Friends of the Pawtuxet.
  • On March 15 and March 16, 2010, the Pawtuxet River reached a new record high flood level after receiving over three inches of rain on the 13th and 14th. The river crested at 15.2 feet (4.6 m) in the evening of March 15.

Washington Secondary Bike Path

The Washington Secondary Bike Path is the state's longest bike path at 19 miles from Cranston Street in Cranston to Log Bridge Road, just past Route 102, in western Coventry. It is named for the abandoned rail corridor once served by the Providence, Hartford, & Fishkill Railroad.

  • Warwick Parking:
  • West Natick Road, Warwick/Cranston line


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Warwick Beaches

Beach Name





Conimicut Point Beach Point Ave SITE 401.738.2000 x 6806 Salt
Goddard Memorial State Park 1095 Ives Rd SITE 401.884.2010 Salt
Gorton Pond Post Rd SITE 401.738.2000 x 6504 Fresh
Little Pond W Shore Rd SITE 401.738.2000 x 6404 Fresh
Oakland Beach Oakland Beach Ave SITE 401.738.2000 x 6504 Salt
Warwick City Park / Buttonwoods Beach Asylum Rd SITE 401.738.2000 x 6504 Salt
Warwick Pond / Buckeye Brook Edgehill Rd SITE 401.738.2000 Fresh