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West Greenwich, RI

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West Greenwich Rhode Island

  • The town of West Greenwich is located within the boundaries of Kent County.
  • Barrington was incorporated in 1741.
  • 2010 Census notes 6,135 people live in this town.
  • West Greenwich was named for Greenwich, Kent England.
  • Size: 51.3 Sq Miles (50.6 Sq Miles of land & .7 Sq Miles of water)
  • Zip Code: 02817
  • West Greenwich separated from East Greenwich in 1741.
  • West Greenwich is also an alternative name for part of Deptford in England.
  • Town of West Greenwich Official Website

Real Estate Facts


% of Value



Biz / Personal Prop

Single Family: $22.55
Vacant Land: $16.07
100% $22.55 $19.02 $33.85

* Residential Homestead Exemption 14%

Around Town

West Greenwich Baptist Church & Cemetery
  • Location: Plain Meeting House Rd & Liberty Hill Rd
  • Located at what was once West Greenwich Center.
  • Built between the years: 1822-1825
  • 1 story, clapboard structure without a belfry or steeple.
  • The audience room contains 3 sections of pews divided by 2 aisles.
  • The only updates to the church have been repairs from age and vandalism since 1959.
  • PDF from the Historical Preservation.
  • Added to the National Register of Historic Places: 1978

West Greenwich Libraries

books libraries in rhode island
Louttit Memorial Library
  • Location: 274 Victory Hwy, West Greenwich RI 02817
  • Phone: (401) 397.3434.
  • Louttit Memorial Library Website.
  • Louttit Library was originally a one-room schoolhouse built in 1936 to replace the Sharpe Street School, which had been destroyed by fire. The Louttit family provided the funding. It was the first school in town with electricity.
  • In 1950, the four one-room schoolhouses were closed and the students then went to the new West Greenwich Consolidated Elementary School. They were thrilled because the new school had central heat, indoor plumbing and even a cafeteria!

  • The town of West Greenwich has approximately 150 cemeteries, many of them historic, that are located in the woods and not easily visible from the roads. Most of these cemeteries are family burial lots with stones dating from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries. Adopt-A-Cemetery Program is designed to preserve and protect this part of our cultural heritage for future generations. We are looking for volunteers to 'adopt' a cemetery and who will agree to care for a particular cemetery with the support and advice of the West Greenwich Land Trust. The care may include clearing brush and weeds from the cemetery, mowing grass, cutting small trees and verifying the inscriptions on the stones. If you are interested in volunteering for this worthwhile project, please contact Charlene Butler at 397-6517 or email¬†ckb39@cox.net.